Wallpaper not coming off.

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Anonymous asked 10 years ago

About 24 years ago we had someone put up the wallpaper in our bathroom. We have now started the process of taking it down only it is not working. We have scored the paper and tried the fabric softner/water solution but it is just not working. We are thinking perhaps they used something other than wallpaper glue? Somehow only doing 2′ x 2′ in 4 hours is just not effective. How should we attack this next?

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MagicDave answered.

If you are going to paint this time, instead of wallpapering… you don't need to completely remove all of the old paper… sand what's left using course grade paper, then make any spackle repairs, then (you must use) use a Pigmented Shellac Sealer Primer and give the WHOLE room TWO coats, letting each dry about 1 hour… then finish coat with a high quality paint, using a semi-gloss sheen…

If you want to repaper, do all of the above, except use only 1 coat of Pigmented Shellac, then repaper…