Walls or door and windows first?

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Pauline asked 10 years ago

I am renovating my house and I need to know if I paint the walls or door and windows first?

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I would paint the ceilings first and then paint the walls. I would leave the doors, windows, trimming and moldings for the end. Make sure the wall paint is dry before "cutting" around or painting moldings, trim and windows so that the wall paint doesn't blend with the other paint. You can use masking tape or painters tape to avoid making a mistake and going over what you already painted.

M.A.C. Painting answered.

This can come down to preference, but traditionally it goes- caulk, patch, sand, and prime first.
1. Ceiling
2. Walls
3. Windows
4. Doors
5. Trim
Always roll ceilings across the main light source, and evenly. Best of luck in your project.