Walls Smell

Jeanne asked 10 years ago

We painted our walls with Sherman Williams paint. One day after we painted we had this awful smell in the room. We figured out it was coming from the walls. When you smell the paint that was left in the can it smells like paint. The walls though have a synch!

2 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

Contact the Sherwin Williams store where you purchased the paint. Have the sales rep over to look at (smell) the room affected. Most likely they will supply you with new paint to cover up the smell.

Anonymous answered.

I am having the same problem in my office. Pratt and Lambert sent old low VOC paint out from the factory that should not have been resold. Now we are all very sick, and after 6 weeks of trying to fix it, they are taking down my walls and gutting my office. I need to find out if this is going to have lasting health problems for me and my employees. We got the air tested and in was full of Ethanol. Due to the off gassing from the paint.