Washing walls a must?

Cindy Filas asked 10 years ago

Already removed wallpaper off drywalled walls in musty basement of old house. Basement smells damp although no leaks in this room. Peeled paper, used fabric softener and water to remove backing. Do I HAVE to wash walls before priming with Kilz primer?? Don’t want to add more moisture to already improperly primed walls and stinky basement.

1 Answers
JT Creations, LLC answered.

The walls must be free of contaminants. When we remove wallcoverings, we will dampen the walls with a sponge and using a 4 – 5 inch wide scraper scrape the remaining adhesive off the walls. Allow to dry and then sand. Any adhesive remaining will wrinkle when you apply a coating on top. I see no reason to prime with a Kilz type primer as you have not mentioned any staining problems.