What ceiling paint is best?

Anonymous asked 10 years ago

Ceiling would not touch up, looked terrible in front of windows and doors. I want a true flat and excellant touch up.

2 Answers
MagicDave answered.

FYI …the term "ceiling paint" is a misnomer… since any paint can be used for ceilings… it's just another sales trick to make you think you are getting a "special " paint…

The best paint to use is Sherwin Williams Classic-99 Acrylic… use a flat finish for ceilings… Good Luck

Crowder Painting answered.

We tried Sherwin Williams Brilliance (dead flat ceiling paint) a while back, the store gave us a big discount to try it out, and had nothing but problems.

Zero problems using Promar 200, Super Paint or Harmony, all Sherwin Williams. No problems using Mythic or Benjamin Moore products.

Use a good flat sheened paint.