What color do I paint the inside part of window?

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Anonymous asked 10 years ago

All of my windows do not have trim around them and I have faux wooden blinds in all of them. Would it be best to paint the inside of the window seals white, or should I paint it the color of the room? My reasoning for painting it white is that if I ever change the color of the room, I wouldn’t have to paint the inside of the window seals again. I just don’t want the white to stand out. Hope this makes sense.


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Anonymous answered.

I would suggest that they be painted the color of the room. Painting them white so that they do not have to be repainted if you change the room color does not appear to be a good offset. The reasons I say this are that you have blinds that (1) while they are closed will hide this area from view and (2) while they are open it will appear that you forgot to paint this area. I have painted many rooms and have never seen or been asked to paint the insides of windows white when the room color is not white.

Anonymous answered.

I would personally pain the color of the window seals white. Especially if the room is painted a dark color. The would would provide a stylish contrast to the dark color. If your paint is a light beige color, it wouldn't matter so much painting it the same color. There is very little downside to white though. As you said, it would make any other paint jobs easier down the road.