What color of stucco should we apply to our house?

Questions & AnswersCategory: Exterior Paint Color QuestionsWhat color of stucco should we apply to our house?
Anonymous asked 10 years ago

The front of our house has log siding with a fruitwood stain. We have also used forest green trim for the front garden door and trims. What colour of stucco should we apply to the rest of the house.

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Anonymous answered.

Since fruitwood is a light colored stain, an oak brown stain (ezwall stucco color) would complement it nicely. If you would like to play-up the forest green trim and front garden door, you could use a green based stain like pepper or twilight (ezwall stucco colors). I would suggest picking 2-3 favorite colors and painting a small patch of stucco next to the log siding and trim so that you can pick a color that complements your house.

Anonymous answered.

Sandy Brown, sandy brown will give your home a natural tone. This adds beauty by helping your home blend with its surroundings if you are in an area where stucco is traditionally used. Set off the sandy brown with a red roof and trim, or echo more of the natural surroundings by painting and landscaping with earthy greens.