What color should I paint my house?

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Danny van Hook asked 10 years ago

I have a very old (130 years) Minnesota lake house. One level and 2300 sq ft. I have two questions.

#1 My huge garage is now the same color as the house. Harvest Gold like the appliances from the 70’s. The garage is metal sided and I don’t think I should paint it. Is it OK to have the house a different color?

#2 The house has very dark brown trim that cannot be changed. Doors and metal windows. The roof is also dark brown. What color would you recommend for the exterior of the house? One neighbors has white and the other has mocha.

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Anonymous answered.

If the garage is separate then I would think that it is okay to paint the house a different color. If it is attached, then no, maybe not. Have you thought about painting the house a light coffee with cream (to go with the dark brown trim) and then, if you have a free wall that would show it off, have an artist come and do a mural on one side. Maybe one showing the lake view, or the history of the house, or town? Or something of personal importance to you?

Anonymous answered.

As it is an old fashioned home, my opinion is to retain its old look as it is but in a newer version or paint of it. Don't make more changes it will affect its longtime look that it had for years. If u want a new look go with mocha that will be fine.