What color should I paint my long room?

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Anonymous asked 10 years ago

I have a very long room, 15×50, with hardwood floors. The room comes off the kitchen where the dining room is and then the living room. It is, essentially, one open room. We want to repaint, (only the dining/living room) but I am having trouble deciding on colors! I am thinking the long walls a cream color and a dark color on the end wall….or should it be a bright color? Right now it is a very dark brown on the end wall and the long walls are kind-of a light mud color~yuck! Any suggestions?!

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Anonymous answered.

I would suggest a medium tone color on the long walls, and a light tone on the end walls. If you were to use a darker color it would make the room seem smaller. Try to pick a paint color that will complement your hardwood floors, as those are not changeable!

Anonymous answered.

Go for a classic-yet-cold compromise! Paint one wall a bold red or keep the dark brown. Use that wall as an accent wall and paint the long walls a lighter tan or cream. Use the dark wall as your base to decorate. Then you can get accessories and wall decor which goes with both!