What color should I stain my wood front door?

Questions & AnswersCategory: Exterior Paint Colors-Doors and AccentsWhat color should I stain my wood front door?
Ann Dobbels asked 10 years ago

I have a dark gray ranch style home. The front door is currently a medium brown wood stain. The house trim is a creamy off white. The new light fixtures are going to be black wrought iron. Would it look good to stain the front door like a weathered black? Please advise. Thank you!

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Anonymous answered.

Yes I think that would look alright. I think you might consider changing the trim to a weathered black as well, however. If you get too many colors together it may look too busy.

Anonymous answered.

I support your decision to stain the door a weathered black. The weathered black look would look very appropriate in a ranch style home, especially if the interior is styled to appeal to a western aesthetic. Having a black door will also compliment your color choice in light fixtures and match better with the dark gray of the exterior.