What color to choose for Stucco?

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Chris Zapior asked 9 years ago

We want to paint our stucco. The shingles are green, one half of the front of the house is red brick. We want to put forest greed trim but not to sure what color the stucco should be. Maybe antique white?

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Anonymous answered.

Antique white would be an excellent color choice! According to how adventuresome you feel, and if you want a second choice to consider, a very light grayish-green color for the stucco would also likely work well. Either your choice of antique white or my suggestion of a shade of light green would blend in well both with the existing color of your shingles and your red brick. The forest green trim would accent both color schemes exceptionally well.

Anonymous answered.

That sounds like a very good idea. However, I would go with either a medium toned beige or even a sage to set off the green shingles. I think that the antique white would also look very nice but a splash of color wouldn't hurt.