What color to paint a door that is usually left open?

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Lesley asked 10 years ago

I’m redoing the kitchen. Walls are light gray, all trim (windows, base boards) is WHITE. My doors are currently a nasty wood stained color (the old yellow looking stain). I want to paint the door a darker gray than the walls. BUT, the door to the bathroom (off the kitchen) opens into the bathroom (which is light blue and white, all trim too) and it is always OPEN unless someone is in there; we can’t close it, there’s no heat in there. SO, if I paint it gray will it look bad since the room it opens into is light blue? Maybe I’m over thinking…. There are two other doors within arms reach, basement and door to outside, I plan to paint them darker gray as well.

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MagicDave answered.

The standard procedure is to paint each side of the door the color to match the room when the door is CLOSED… but you can do whatever you like…