What color to paint outside?

Kristie asked 10 years ago

I have a red brick house. Need to know what to paint the siding and trim?

3 Answers
Anonymous answered.

In my opinion, for a Red brick house, the siding and trim can be painted with white and grey color with some good textures. These texture finish will add much elegance and beauty to the overall look.

Anonymous answered.

While white is the most commonly used color for trim with red brick, various shades of gray offer a beautiful alternative that sets your home apart from most others. In general, the darker the brick, the lighter the shade should be. For example, very dark brick combined with Dove gray or very light brick with a Slate gray are both aesthetically pleasing choices.

Anonymous answered.

I'm in the same predicament,I'm thinking of a log cabin look and my house is ranch style. Just had a new dark brown roof done,they say u go by your roof color? I want a brown house + at first red shutters as I know I want my front door painted red, not a dark red but a red that pops but not the trim. I'm kind of afraid now about the color red as I've seen restaurants, businesses with the red so maybe 2 bold?