What colors are complimentary to a home with a lot of wood?

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Nicoel asked 9 years ago

We just bought a house and would like to repaint the interior. It is mainly wood on the inside (floors, part of some walls) and I am having a hard time trying to find a good paint scheme to go with that. We need to paint the kitchen, living room, and the bedrooms. I would like to do different colors in each room and would like some advice on what colors go good with wood. Thank you for your help!

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juan answered.

The color schemes for your home would depend on your furnishings, accents and wall hangings as well as the hardwood floors. To find paint colors for your living room, you need to decide if you want a welcoming room, a subdued look or a room that pops.

A welcoming room would be a soft white ceiling with wall colors that are earth toned or mid-ranged colors. A subdued look would consist of muted colors that are more along the lines of a pastel palette. A loud room would include bright or primary colors.

Examples of Paint Color Schemes
(These are Devoe Paint colors.)

Welcoming Color Scheme;

Ceilings- Blessed Day
Walls- Antique Linen
Accent- Tuscan Tan

Subdued Color Scheme;

Ceilings- Linwood Beach
Walls- Basic Khaki

Loud Color Scheme;

Ceilings- Arizona White
Walls- Golden Needles
Accent- Baroque Jewel

These are just examples that I have found while looking at a Devoe color deck. You need to find out what you like and what would go with your tastes and furnishings.