What colors go with dark brown stained porch with light colored brick house with gray roof?

Ralph asked 4 years ago

Back porch is dark brown stain with bronze windows & doors. My bricks are light orange colored & my roof is light & dark gray.

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Anonymous answered.

Well if you mean the colors to decorate the inside of your porch I think the colors of green, kinda dark green and burgundy red work great. They would look good in your porch and work great together. I actually have these colors in my own porch. I have a wicker patio set. It is brown wicker with dark green pillows and I have burgundy red pillows and flowers sitting around. I also found some frogs (great green color) to use and decorate and some red bird figures. If you mean a color to also paint the porch with I would say a darker brown would look nice as well. Hope this helps you. Have a nice day.

Anonymous answered.

Well, have you thought about painting the bricks? I would think a light yellow or cream to blend with the siding that i see, and change all your trim to white. That should still go well with the gray roof.

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