What colour to pick?

Stephen fernandez asked 10 years ago

I’ve painted my office ceiling with black colour and install new carpet with dark grey on it and install a tempered glass partition. I just need some advice what colour should i paint my wall? I need to have a modern look to my office.

3 Answers
Anonymous answered.

A light gray color will make your office appear wider. By virtue of the dark ceiling and floor colors, you have effectively made your office appear very tall, balance will be achieved if your paint your side walls a light to medium gray and will create a very restful space.

Anonymous answered.

Having considered the black ceiling, dark grey carpet and glass partition, GREEN SALAD color will be the correct combination for your requirement. This color is mild and will be suitable for the interior part of the house and brings a peace of mind.

Anonymous answered.

Use two tones, a light grey and deep/cream color on separate walls. This will provide dimension and keep the modern look that you are looking for!
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