What colours go best?

Anonymous asked 10 years ago

Do you think hacienda exterior walls will look OK with woodland grey guttering and roof the windows and screen doors either primrose or stone beige.

2 Answers
Anonymous answered.

I believe these shades and colors will look fabulous together. Today, people are expressing themselves, no longer are houses little white copies of each other. It sounds like you have put a lot of time and creative visualizing into your color scheme and it should look just perfect. Go with the primrose for the windows and screen doors if you want to really make a statement, the stone beige if you want to keep these features from being the highlight of the home's exterior.

Anonymous answered.

I think the combination of woodland grey and primrose would be sensational. Stone beige would only be OK but very dull and not in keeping with the whole meaning of "hacienda". The primrose would add some romance /spark to the scene.