What do I do with a room that was drywalled improperly?

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Lori asked 10 years ago

The previous owners of my home drywalled the basement bedroom and family room. They didn’t do it correctly and I can see each piece on the walls and ceilings. What can I do to repair this without having to tear it down and start over?

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Crowder Painting answered.

Some options that won't require replacement of the drywall sheets; If the room (drywall) is not textured then the joints, seams and screw heads can be coated with drywall mud and then sanded for a better finish. Make sure to prime first before applying drywall mud to keep it from bubbling and help it stick.

Or, a texture can be added to help cover up the walls and ceiling. There are many types of texture that can be used. Check-out this article for options- <a href="https://www.house-painting-info.com/drywall-textures.html">Types of Drywall Textures</a>. The thicker the texture the more it will cover but there are limits.