What is best way for appling paint to stucco?

Questions & AnswersCategory: Exterior Painting QuestionsWhat is best way for appling paint to stucco?
Anonymous asked 9 years ago

spray or brush?


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Crowder Painting answered.

Spray and back-roll is the best and really only way to paint stucco.  Spay only won’t push the paint into the pores and brush or roller alone is too much work.

NoelyVilma Staff replied 1 year ago

Can you please tell me what are the best paints to paint New Stucco
we have New Construction Central Florida (get frost 12-20 times a year 24F-36F)
home block construction 80% /20% Gable ends & Dormers are Plywood/lathe)
have 5 bids all different 3 with Elastomeric 1 with Masonry Paint 1 w Acrylic Paint. . Would love to use Behr Elastomeric & get a good product at great
price? but wan the best for this build please give us your thoughts.

NoelyVilma Staff replied 1 year ago

would like Crowder painting to please give advice, we love your attention
‘To detail and you have helped so many folks here:)

Karl Crowder Staff replied 1 year ago

Elastomeric is best for stucco. I don’t have much experience with Behr but both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore make great elastomeric coatings. The plywood gables, as well as any soffits and wood trim, can be painted with a good quality acrylic paint.

This combo will give you the best lasting results as well as providing a second color for the gables and other wood substrates.

Priming the stucco isn’t necessary as long as the stucco finish is 30 days or more old and the coating is applied as 2 coats with the first coat back-rolled to help fill the stucco’s pores.

NoelyVilma Staff replied 1 year ago

Thank you for your professional insite…I have found theat PPG makes
a product called Perma-Crete PITT FLEX ELASTOMERIC and seems
to be more breathable then the SW and BM Elastomeric’s can you shed
some light on this is possible? Thanks again and if you had a choice
on Elastomerics which do you think will last longer BM or SW or
do you see a difference? I do like that BM has a Low sheen and most of
the others are only Flat products, the satin or low sheen I think on this project may look better and resist stains a bit better to, Again Thank You for your quick
Reply and details on Our Fl. Project.

Karl Crowder Staff replied 1 year ago

Most elastomerics are very similar, differences being possible colors (elastomerics don’t take tint the same as paint) plus availability and price (been a problem). So I don’t necessarily choose one over the others unless a special circumstance. I do like the BM sheen but this does change its characteristics a bit.

I haven’t used the PPG elastomeric (yet) but have used other PPG industrial products and found them very good. Have used the Benjamin Moore elastomeric and liked it. Plus used Sherwin Williams Loxon XP with very good results. Our typical elastomeric job is residential stucco over typical wood framing and sheeting (stick built).

The low sheen of BM’s elstomeric is very nice and one of the easier to apply. It looks really good and stays cleaner, sheds dust easier. The PPG elastomeric has better overall specs, similar to Sherwim Williams Loxon XP.

NoelyVilma Staff replied 1 year ago

Thank You Karl, You are a Gentlemen and A Scholar as we used to say back in
the Day! Thank You for all your information we will follow your suggestions.