What is the best sealer for a glaze over oil based paint?

Questions & AnswersCategory: Cabinet PaintingWhat is the best sealer for a glaze over oil based paint?
Anonymous asked 9 years ago

I am building a cabinet for my house and I want to glaze it. I have painted it with oil based paint and need to seal over the glaze. I didn’t want to use polyurethane because it ambers over time. Is there a product to use that does not amber and can be used over oil paint? The glaze is also oil based.

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Crowder Painting answered.

Normally I would suggest a good varnish. A varnish will stick to anything. It too will impart a slight amber color to the underlying finishes. You could try a water based polyurethane like <a href="//www.painters-toys.com/varethane-exterior-water-based-finish-semigloss.html" target="_blank">Varethane</a> or a 100% <a href="//www.painters-toys.com/deft-interior-acrylic-wood-finish-semi-gloss.html" target="_blank">clear acrylic urethane</a>.

The water based clears should stick well but using an oil based clear, like varnish, would be better. I know varnish will stick.