What is the going rate for industrial ceiling painting?

Questions & AnswersWhat is the going rate for industrial ceiling painting?
Anonymous asked 10 years ago

The job is 50,000 square ft, 30 ft high. It is a little ambitious for my company to take on but I feel confident in the matter. I have never bid a job this large before. I know what it will take to get the job done, i.e. sprayers, lifts, covering, cleaning. I just feel that I do not have a good grip on the pricing for 50,000 square feet of common factory ceiling and its height. I have done 10,000 sqft at 20 before and felt I short changed myself on that one. Any thoughts, knowledge , advice would help. This job would be really nice to land and they are shutting down the factory for two weeks to get it done. Thanks

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Anonymous answered.

Talk to your paint sales rep, he/she will have a good idea of the going rate for your area. Make sure to properly measure and take into account any beams or exposed framing and corrugated roofing. All of this stuff will take more time and material than a nice flat surface.