What kind of Kilz for two different repairs?

P Mallard asked 5 years ago

Am trying to correct errors some painters recently made in my condo and I have two questions.

(1) Original ceiling was flat white latex. “Enamel” (do not know is it was oil based white used on my wood trim or a glossy latex enamel) was mistakenly applied to this ceiling. They repainted it with flat white latex, but shiny swatches are now bleeding through the latex. Have been told to Kilz swatches and then paint over swatches with latex. What kind of Kilz should be used for this?

(2) Original ceilings of two other rooms than that of question #1 are flat white latex to be repainted with flat white latex. Water stains from leaks in these two rooms. What kind of Kilz should be used on stains before repaint?

Thank you

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