What kind of primer over oil based paint?

Questions & AnswersCategory: Paint PrimersWhat kind of primer over oil based paint?
Carol asked 10 years ago

I want to use latex paint over oil based paint. I understand I should prime first. My question is, should my primer be latex or oil based primer?

2 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

A universal oil base primer, like Zinsser Cover Stain, is best. You can use a good acrylic primer; You will need to do a little more prep, lightly sand if possible to increase adhesion.

JT Creations, LLC answered.

I prefer an alkyd primer over an alkyd finish. Most paint manufacturers will label their acrylic primers as adhering to alkyd finishes, but I am old fashioned and prefer alkyd primers. Sand and/or clean with TSP prior to applying the primer.