What paint is best to use for sealing a previous mold affected area of drywall?

Anonymous Staff asked 4 years ago

I had a leaky valve problem behind my faucet which caused water damage to the drywall in the inner wall cavity. I opened the drywall from the other side of the wall and saw there was black mold. I removed the mold and treated the wall with disinfectant and chlorox bleach. The wall is now dry and I would like to seal the drywall on the inner wall cavity with paint. What would the best product be? Is elastomeric paint or oil based primer appropriate for sealing the drywall?
Thank you.

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crowderpainting Staff answered 8 years ago

Use a shellac primer, this will help prevent the return of any mold and seal the wall cavity. If you want to paint use a good exterior paint over the primer.

DonaldIbanez answered 1 year ago

Take advice from a good painter.

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