What to do with a painted deck?

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Anonymous asked 10 years ago

I bought a home with a painted deck. The paint appears to be as old as the deck. We have replaced some of the rotted wood and I would like to redo the paint and add a water sealer. I plan on pressure washing the deck. My question is: Do I have to sand the entire deck and remove all the old paint before I can repaint it and add the water sealer?

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MagicDave answered.

Adding a water sealer to a painted deck is not the thing to do nor is it even required, since the paint will seal out any water (if properly applied)…

And forget about pressure washing… not required nor is it even safe (could damage the surface)…

So, now… scrape off any loose paint… wash with hose and water and rag… let dry over nite… next prime the whole deck with Sherwin Williams Oil base exterior wood primer… then finish coat with Sherwin Williams Porch & Deck Enamel (color of choice) use a gloss sheen… Good Luck!