What wall color for large living room with brown furniture and dark trim?

Anonymous asked 4 years ago

I’m having a very hard time picking the right colors!! My furniture is brown, all my wood trim is dark brown. I was hoping for a grey/blue color as accent wall and maybe a beige for other 3 walls? I did just paint my kitchen an apple red and a pretty bright green (which I have a window in the living room wall which you can see kitchen). Don’t want to go over board with colors….please help!!!

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Anonymous answered.

Light colored paints make the room appear more spacious, and do well when applied to long walls of a room. The wall looks awesome in a Yellow color, especially when you have a large living room with brown furniture and dark trim.

Anonymous answered.

Use white with darker hue, for example paint the walls a darker blue and use white for accents to give the room sophistication or you can choose colors that works well together like blue and yellow.

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