When do you remove the masking tape when painting?

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Dolores asked 9 years ago

I always use painter’s tape especially when painting with dark colors. I gently removed the tape and it tore off a bunch of the paint.

I have been told to leave it until the paint is bone dry and I’ve also been told to remove it immediately after applying the paint. Which is it? Also, how do you prevent bleeding? I have chosen to paint feature walls black and the paint bled.

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Anonymous answered.

I sometimes use tape on baseboards when using dark colors and have had the best success when pulling the tape off before it dries, about 10-15 minutes after painting. Also, I go real light with the paint around the tape and can't always put more than one coat or the paint tears which is probably whats happening. I'll also take a sneak peak under the tape as I'm working to see if it's misbehaving.

Maybe try a paint conditioner/extender (Floetrol) and see if that helps. I usually add less than recommended, and it helps the paint flow smoother and more evenly. I try and get the tape off as soon as it starts drying and pull it back slowly on top of itself when removing.

And I never leave it on overnight never mind the 14 days it says it's good for. Also make sure to wipe the area to be taped with a damp cloth before so it sticks nicely.

Anonymous answered.

Masking Tape Removal

I will use blue tape from 3m that has the 14 day removal on it. Place tape on wall and use a credit card to press down on edge of tape where paint will be applied. Rub a little Clear Finger-nail polish on same edge. Dries fast! Paint will not go under to bleed through. Remove tape 15 minutes after. Great lines.

MagicDave answered.

If you learn good brushing and rolling techniques, you can minimize the need for taping altogether…

Anonymous answered.

To prevent bleeding you paint over the edge of the tape with the base color and then go over it again with the color you want it to be.

Anonymous answered.

You can use Frog Tape (like the blue painter's tape but is a green color, available at all Home Depots) and you will have zero bleed (unless the texture is excessive on the walls. Another way is to rub a light coat of paintable caulk over the edge of the tape, let dry and then paint. works 100% of the time.