White walls with off white trim?

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Jamie asked 10 years ago

We bought a condo a couple years back that came with a lovely taupe palate. While it is nice, I am over it. I like cool, crisp colors. I want to paint the walls and ceiling white (perhaps BM American White or Chantilly Lace) with the accent wall and hallway either a grey or a blue, or somewhere in between. We have dark hardwood floors.

My hair pulling dilemma – the trim and door have ever so slightly yellowed in the last couple years. Will this clash with a cooler white paint? Is there a particular shade of white I should be looking at to offset this? Is this a major no-no all together?

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Anonymous answered.

In my opinion yes it will clash. White picks up on everything, whether it's on clothes, walls or furniture. The slightest change in color next to it or on it and it'll stick out like a sore thumb. You could offset it to a cream color but if you like cool colors I think your best bet is to redo it and perhaps use a very pale blue or lavender.

Anonymous answered.

If you want, paint the door and baseboards white. Use the same color you want to paint the walls. Though it may not look awful if the doors are a slightly different color, your condo will look more together if the colors match. However, one accent wall, along with matching decor in both color families will look wonderful!