Why is my bathroom ceiling bubbling and cracking?

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Sonia asked 10 years ago

We had recently painted the bathroom. The ceiling is now bubbling and cracking and moisture seems to be the culprit. We have redid the ceiling by sanding, priming and repainting. We waited 3 days before showering in that bathroom and the problem is beginning to reappear. How can we fix the problem?

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MagicDave answered.

Waiting 3 days is NOT nearly enough IF you did the Priming CORRECTLY! First you need to use ONLY a Pigmented Shellac Sealer Primer… then after 1 hr, finish coat with a QUALITY Brand Paint… use Sherwin Williams Classic-99 Semi Gloss Acrylic… THEN you need to wait 2 weeks for the system to Fully Cure! Hint: take a bath meanwhile… BTW you need proper ventilation in baths, with an exhaust fan (alternatively keep your window and door cracked open while showering)…