Why is the color on my bathroom walls different from the can of paint I used?

Stephen Staff asked 4 years ago

I bought a few cans of light taupe to paint over the peach color in our bathroom. After painting the walls the color on the walls ended up being a light gray. At first I thought it had something to do with the lighting in the room but it’s not.

I brought into the bathroom the can of taupe paint, a taupe color-sheet sample, and a small piece of wood that I painted with the new paint. Everything looks the correct color in this room except for the walls themselves.

So, is this an issue with the old paint bleeding through? Should I have used primer or something first?

3 Answers
crowderpainting Staff answered 9 years ago

I think you are right. The original peach color is bleeding through and effecting the new color. You could try another coat and see if this will truly cover the old color. If not, then priming is you only option.

Anonymous Staff answered 9 years ago

My suggestion,

A primer would have helped. Hope it all works out.

Anonymous Staff answered 9 years ago

2 coats always necessary;

2 coats of paint is always required when covering over another color. Peach and taupe are not even close to the same color family. A second coat will absolutely cover and should look the same as the color sample.