Why won't exterior oil based primer dry inside?

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Diane asked 10 years ago

I am adding a front porch. I have brand new cedar posts, trims, etc. I am painting it with oil based primer inside my home. The first things that I painted dried in 3 days. The last boards are still not dry after 10 days. I have used fans and heaters. Someone told me the room is saturated with oil fumes so it won’t dry, and that you can only paint the wood outside in the open air. What is your take on this? Any drying suggestions?

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Anonymous answered.

Which oil primer specifically are you using?

Anonymous answered.

The paint is called Do it Best exterior oil base wood primer. I bought it at McCabe Hardware. They sell Porter Paints. I thought is was a Porter product but I'm not sure. It is great to work with and some of the wood dried great but some has not. The wooden pieces were very expensive. I ordered them from a company in Texas called Vintage Woodworks. They make a beautiful product that I couldn't find anywhere else. I'll be sick if they are ruined. Thanks for any advice.

Crowder Painting answered.

The wood pieces aren't ruined. If weather permits, open some windows for fresh air and keep the fans on. You can paint over the primer when it is dry to the touch. The primer might still be a little soft but will harden over time under your finish coat.

Sounds like this is a standard exterior oil base primer, slow drying. Not a good choice for interior use but it should dry with time.

It is impossible to say what has caused this for certain. Could be changes in humidity and/or temperature or the primer wasn't thoroughly mixed before applying. Also the wood will affect the dry time.