Wild pricing with painting my ceiling?

Questions & AnswersWild pricing with painting my ceiling?
Anonymous asked 9 years ago

I need to paint my factory ceiling which is corrugated metal with wiring and etc. I’ve been getting weird pricing. Is there not an industry standard as per sq ft to paint ?? How do I know who is being real and who is just out to get rich ?

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M.A.C. Painting answered.

Well to answer your question, No there is really no standard. See part of owning a painting company is having the skill to price things and know your company, as in how fast and good they are. Really your best bet is to talk to them and see how do they plan to do it, spray or roller. They should be spraying and how long they think it will take them. Let these help guide you to see who seems to know what they are talking about.

NEVER just go with pricing to decide who does it most often. The cheap bidders are Frauds and not just scam artist they just don't know they might be painters but not business men you must be both to do this job. They don't know what to do or how long it will take they bid low then run into trouble with payouts to crew. Then run out of money. Then you sit half or less done wondering where are they. It is tough to figure just what the price should be, but sounds like it should be a simple project. What are your concerns with over spray? is there tight places to have to get into? would a lift be required? or special paints? Is there a lot of preparation, i.e. sanding, & priming? So feel free to let us know if you have more questions on this when you get more information, or send pictures of it and we could give you a round about of what we would charge for something like that.

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