Will acylic-based indoor masonry paint create a mold/mildew problem like acrylic caulks do?

Anonymous asked 6 years ago

I live in an area of the Midwest where the subsoil is very dense clay and there is pretty heavy seasonal rainfall. I want to paint/seal my poured concrete basement to help keep out the heavy damp (never a leak) and I started using the Loxon to paint the inside of my basement walls.

Seems to work great, but now I am apprehensive about creating a mold/mildew problem, and here’s why:

Outside where we’ve used acrylic caulks on the front and back steps, mildew we can’t get rid off accumulates along the caulk. Am I going to create this same problem along the outside of my basement walls after I paint the inside walls with Loxon? I really cannot afford to create a mold/mildew problem. Thanks

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