Wood cleaning after stripping and prior to refinishing

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Tom Loew Design Build, inc. asked 10 years ago

I’ve removed several layers of paint and what I believe is shellac from 50 year old doors and trim. After stripper has fully dried I’ve sanded the wood surfaces, yet there is a gummy residue left on some areas of the wood surfaces. How do I remove this residue prior to refinishing? I’d like to shellac the wood to restore it to an original condition.

The residue is small clouded areas and appears to be in the pours of the wood.

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JT Creations, LLC answered.

You will need to read the label to be sure, but in my stripping experience (how I love the reaction when I tell people I strip) the residue is one of two things.

The stripper we use has a beeswax additive and this, when not washed thoroughly will leave the surface feeling slick. The other cause is an incomplete washing of the surface. I would suggest you reapply the stripper to the problem areas, clean thoroughly and wash. This should clear the clouds.