Wood Deck

Jim Ward asked 10 years ago

I stripped the deck that had a semi-transparent oil base stain using stripper and high pressure and in a few spots a wire brush. I rinsed with high pressure and the next day with garden hose. It rained on it the next day. The deck set for 3 days with sunshine and low humidity. I then applied Cabot semi-transparent natural stain using a roller and brush. The deck set 2 days and it rained over night. The deck is sticky and has a sparkling finish.

1 Answers
Crowder Painting answered.

Sounds like the stain was applied to thick and didn't penetrate fully. This formed a film on the surface and this is the problem. It will take some extra time for the stain to truly dry.

This film will be worn off or burned off by sunlight eventually. It is possible you could see some peeling in the future.

All stains are designed to penetrate and not be applied as a film.