Wood grain gone- completely confused?

Pam asked 10 years ago

I am refinishing oak cabinet doors. I already repaired the crappy sand job the contractors ahead of me left. I conditioned, applied 2 coats colored gel stain and two coats clear. Out of 22 doors, 3 didn’t look right. So I sanded them all back down and started over. I finished them all the same way I did all the others. But this time, the fronts of the door panels look really smooth. I don’t see any grain at all like the rest of the doors. They want them redone again. What do I do? Could I have sanded the grain away? Help and confused….How do I get it back?

2 Answers
MagicDave answered.

It's impossible for me to tell, without seeing these pieces… any pics?

Crowder Painting answered.

I agree, need to some pictures. It is possible you closed off the wood grain by excessive fine sanding. You will need to remove the stain and wipe the doors with acetone to open up the grain again.