Wood paneling

Christy Robertson asked 5 years ago

We have wood paneling in our 1960s home. Not the thinner, cheaper kind, but the heavy duty stuff! (sorry not sure what kind of wood) It is shiny so it obviously has some kind of seal/stain on it. Well we are updating and my husband doesn’t want to paint the actual paneling, but only our trim. I’m using Scotch Blue painters tape but it is taking the stain/protective coating off of the paneling in spots when I pull it off. Is there another kind of tape I can use that won’t damage the wood paneling? 

1 Answers
MagicDave answered.

Use NO TAPE… learn how to Cut and Brush properly and you won’t need any tape for masking… SEE my webpage on Brushing Techniques here: //davmagic.com/paint/PAGES11.html