Wood Refinishing – Give Wood a New Lease On Life

Have an aging home? Is the wood fading and losing its luster? It doesn’t need to remain that way. Give your doors and interior trim a new shine by using these wood refinishing techniques.

Wood refinishing is not that difficult. Do-it-yourselfers frequently take it on. But with all the options for paint strippers, stains, varnishes, and other finishes that even a small hardware store offers, it’s easy to become confused.

Wood finishes last for years and provide natural wooden beauty and refined class. However, this beauty gradually fades over time. Colors lose their potency, stains recede, and the wood begins to show its age. Refinishing the wood reverses that.

Wood refinishing starts with stripping paint, in order to expose the wood for the new finish. It can then be sanded to smooth out the surface and create a better look. A stain gives the wood color and brings out the natural elegance of the wood. A finish, usually clear, protects the wood from the elements. These steps make any piece of wood look better. With a little effort, refinishing the wood in your home can make it much more fresh and appealing.

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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

By Gene Mcarthur (Kennesaw, GA 30152)
If you’re looking for a way to update your kitchen or bath cabinets, consider giving the cabinets a makeover with paint. The process isn’t too difficult and it will give your cabinets a fresh look. Another great ...
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Choosing a High Quality Lacquer

High quality lacquer has an appealing look and feel that is difficult to duplicate with other wood finishes. Many professional painters use this finish to save time and still produce pleasing results. Using a quality finish is always a ...
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NPA’s removal tips for paint and wall coatings

By Guy Alexander Bell (Plymouth, United Kingdom)
Our UK paint website is well known for tips and advice about applying paint, but we felt that a tip or two about REMOVING paint would also add to the balance of things, so how do you remove paint? ...
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Types of Power Sanders

Power sanders are great tools to help with the removal of old peeling paint. The amount of effort spent sanding depends on the sander used. Your efforts can be wasted using the wrong tool. Each type of sander has very specific uses. ...
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Staining a Fiberglass Door

Embossed fiberglass is a low maintenance substitute to the standard wood door. Plus, staining a fiberglass door can be easier than working with wood. The main difference between wood and fiberglass is the type of stain ...
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Staining and Sealing Wood Doors

By Julie
First, staining requires at least two coats, I did only one because of time constraints. It is OK, but would have been better with two coats of stain. I used the water-based Minwax, which was good. Also, having ...
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Techniques for Staining Wood

Many wood species have a great look without adding color, so staining wood is optional. If you like the natural colors of the wood simply move on to applying the finish. Stain can change the woods color and appearance to match any ...
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Tips for Sanding Wood

If you picture sandpaper as a sheet with mini-wood cutters glued to the surface, you begin to understand why it’s important to use sandpaper carefully. The following wood sanding tips will help you preserve the value ...
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