Benefits Of Hiring Professional Residential Painting Contractors

Coming home to a freshly painted residence is a good feeling – it seems new, feels clean and is a more comfortable place to live. However, almost without notice, the house becomes “lived-in”; smudges, scratches and dirt can appear on walls over time– and the negative impact on the aesthetic of your home can happen without even knowing it.

There is research indicating that one’s surroundings can affect the ability to relax and feel comfortable. Something as simple as the color on the wall has been shown to affect mood, attentiveness and the amount of time spent in a particular room. Interior and Exterior Painting can help to increase comfortability, heighten mood and enhance the home’s curb appeal – in a cost effective way.

Friends, neighbors, and potential buyers all take notice of your home. The polished look of a well painted home will have a positive impact on their perceptions. If you own your home and are trying to sell or lease it, a professional house painting can increase your property value.

But can you have your house painted and live in it at the same time? Hiring experienced and professional residential painters will relieve much of the worry associated with repainting a home. They can provide color matching service, advice on which colors will work best and how to get the job done with the least interruption to your life.

Here are some guidelines to help you find the right residential painting contractors:

  • An established company – Some painting companies are hasty and do a shoddy job. Ask for customer testimonials and to see examples of the company’s work. Established companies want to make sure your needs are met and that you are completely satisfied.
  • Enough staff to do the job properly and efficiently – For a small home, you do not want 10 people painting a 1,000 square feet. Similarly you don’t want just two people painting a beachfront estate.
  • Free Quotes – Professional residential painting contractors will be able to accurately estimate costs without too much effort – and stick to their price.
  • Quality materials – Many house painters will use inferior grade paints to save money. Make sure the paints used are of superior quality and are durable.


Painting your home can benefit your lifestyle, improve curb appeal and increase the value of the property. The right painting company will do the work for a reasonable price and keep interruptions to a minimum. The benefits of residential repainting far outweigh the costs.

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  1. techniques for painting

    Your right on with painters using cheap inferior products.However, there are about 5 lines of paint with the brand I use, which the lowest line is better than others best. I don’t use the lowest line 99% of the time unless requested. I use the high end. My point is that this quality name of paint is used as a get in the door gimmick for contractors. It has the name on the can same as the high end, but the client does not know it.

  2. Lyla Burns

    My husband and I have been considering hiring painting contractors. I think it’s going to be the best option for us. I’ll definitely remember the tips for hiring them. Thanks!

  3. Painter contractors

    I like the information you shared to us. thanks a lot.

  4. Any time my dad wanted to repaint the house growing up, he did it himself. Most of the time it worked out well for us, but it took a lot of time and some frustration as things didn’t always for smoothly for us. As much as I don’t like spending money on things I can do myself, I feel that it is still a good investment to have professional painters come in and paint for you.

  5. This is some really helpful information for anyone looking into painting a room or rooms in their home. For the last few years, I have chosen to use professional painters over doing it on my own because they have a level of experience that I just never will. And one of the most important aspects is making sure they have the right amount of staff, so that the job is done quickly and efficiently. Thanks so much for writing!.

  6. I appreciate the information on the benefits of hiring a professional when having things painted. I agree that you will want to do some research before you decide on which contractor you will go with, it helps to get pictures of past jobs as well and clients they have worked with in the past. My mom is having her home painted soon, I will be sure to share this article with her.

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