Choosing the Right Paint Colors for a Basement

Basements can be some of the most under-used spaces in a home. If you are thinking about remodeling yours and making it into a livable space, there are some things that you will need to consider.

One of the main issues is what color the basement will be painted. Unlike most other spaces in the home, the basement is unique because of a typical lack of natural light. This factor can severely limit the possible color schemes and make it much more difficult to select colors that will work in the space.

The color combinations below are ideal for most basements and should give you a foundation for selecting one that will work with your decor.

Cream and Tan

These light colors do a lot to brighten and lighten the feel of the basement space. If your basement is going to be refinished, chances are that the lighting, although artificial, will be much improved. The cream and tan color combination helps with the lighting issues and makes the room appear more spacious than it may actually be.

If your basement ceiling is not finished, due to height or other code restrictions, consider painting the underside of your floorboards and support beams white. This will brighten up the ceiling and give the illusion of a higher clearance than there actually is. Make sure that whatever paint you select is designed to resist mold and mildew, as they are two frequent problems that are encountered in basement spaces.

Sky Blue and White

The light and airy quality of these two colors makes them ideal for a dark basement space. Light, sky blue walls are perfect for brightening up a basement, as they add a touch of color without being overbearing.

Try to avoid shades of blue that have grey undertones, as this will make the room feel closed in and dingy. The white is perfect for brightening up the trim, painting the ceiling, and even the steps leading down to the basement. For a sophisticated room, consider a French style of decor in your basement that is painted sky blue and white.

Sunshine Yellow and White

White makes an appearance again in this color combination. Paired with cheerful sunshine yellow, white naturally brightens the space. The yellow can be used as an accent color, or it can be used in equally proportions. Consider hanging white bead board along the lower half of the wall and painting the surface above with the yellow paint. The basement will look bright and cheerful.

Choosing the correct basement colors is important, because it will determine how comfortable the space feels. If there is even a hint that the room is dull and dreary, your family will not be inspired to spend much time in the space. No matter how you use the remodeled basement, whether it is a child’s playroom or a movie retreat, the colors that you use can make all the difference in how effective the remodel will be.

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