Decorating Ideas for a Pink Bathroom

By jessica

Many older homes often have old tile in the bathroom. Since the colors that were so common decades ago are no longer trendy, there is often a need to decorate around existing tile. If your bathroom has pink tile, a very common tile color in older homes, the ideas below will help you select a theme for the room and give you inspiration for decorating it.

Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Shop

Think of old-fashioned ice cream parlors when you see your pink bathroom tile. Instead of old and outdated, the pink tile color will suddenly be perfect for a cheerful new decor. Paint the bathroom walls white after priming them with a mold and mildew resistant primer. You can then hang up decorative wall art pieces that correspond to an ice cream theme or you can paint your own designs. A banana split is a great choice for a fun and whimsical bathroom mural. It captures the essence of the ice cream parlor and incorporates the pink color that is found in your bathroom tile. Use your imagination when selecting accessories for the room, as non-traditional ice cream accessories may work just as well in this unusual setting.

Fabulous Flowers

Bold and funky flowers can transform an outdated pink tile bathroom into a hip, modern space. Paint large pink and orange daisies on the walls around the room. While you can paint the bathroom walls any color as a backdrop, white is often the best choice, especially for smaller rooms. Pay attention to the detail in the design of the flowers and make them as realistic as possible. Orange, pink and white towels can accent the room for a fun, flirty look. You can also combine this theme with pink and orange polka dots. The key to the success of the room is to make sure that the pink paint color matches the pink in the bathroom tiles.

Very French

A haughty pink, black and white French design is perfect for a bathroom with pink wall tiles. Think pampered poodles and sidewalk cafes when design the decor for the room. Grey walls are a great choice for this design, as they add color and a hint of sophistication. Paint a mural of a fashionably dressed woman walking her pet poodle along the streets of Paris, or simply add black and white checkered accessories and fabrics to the space. If there is room for a make-up table in the bathroom space, be sure to add it, as it is the perfect furniture accessory.

While keeping the pink tiles in your bathroom may not be your first choice for decor, if the redecorating budget does not include money for a remodel, then using the tile in the design is the next best thing. Instead of despising the color, embrace it and use it to your advantage. Even pinks that are the color of stomach medicine can be used in a variety of designs. Peruse fabric shops and bed and bath stores to get inspiration from fabrics and towels. You may wind up loving the pink tiles that you initially disliked.

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