Do’s and Don’ts in Matching Wall Paint and Floors

By John Kapp

Choosing wall paints is tricky. Choosing one that actually goes well with your floor is even trickier. Here are important do’s and don’ts to remember so you don’t get lost and frustrated in the process:

Do consider the actual color or shade of the floor. One of the most common mistakes of rookies is that they think so hard about which paint color will go well with everything in a room but fail to neglect one of the most dominant areas, which is the floor. While wood comes in different shades like cherry and oak, so does concrete. There is a variety of floor resurfacing options nowadays and even cemented surfaces can be customized so it is important to take this into deep consideration.

Do consider trending wall paint colors but don’t just follow for the sake of being “in”. Corals and aquamarines may be trending but that does not mean that it would work with just about any room or any house for that matter. If you really want to incorporate a particular color, try choosing a lighter or a darker shade and see which one will look best with your indoor concrete floor. Ask a family member or a friend to also take a look so you get another perspective that will help you with your decision.

Do take your time and prepare, prepare, prepare! Just like most projects, preparation is the key to achieve great results. Do not be overly excited to splash some color onto your wall then regret it afterwards. Take your time to browse for ideas. Learn a thing or two about paint types to help give you an inkling of their differences and eventually determine which one is right for you. Color swatches are always reliable. It is highly recommended for you to cut out the squares of colors you find ideal and put it on a white background so you can see their actual color without getting distracted by the other colors beside it.

Don’t ignore the finish of the floor. Some concrete floors are smooth while some are distressed or stamped. Others are matte while others are finished with a semi or high gloss. It may be an additional factor to think about but these are just as important when choosing paint for your walls. If you have really shiny concrete floors, opt for a matte wall paint to balance it out. You surely would not want to be blinded by all the sheen and reflections when the sun rays come shining in. Matte floors, on the other hand, will still look good with matte wall paint; however, you might want to add high gloss paint on shelves, trimmings, or moldings to add a hint of shine in the room.

Don’t assume, ask a professional when in doubt. If you think you are unsure of the actual color and type of paint you must use on your walls to make it look coordinated with your floors, save your sanity and consult an expert. This will help save time and may even open more options for you that you never deemed possible.

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