How to Paint a Mural in a Child’s Bedroom

By jessica

If you love the idea of painting a mural on a bare wall but are hesitant to begin in the living room or another common area of the home, consider beginning in a child’s bedroom. Kids are generally easy to please, and their minds are fueled by imagination. Even someone with limited artistic skills can paint an impressive latex mural on a child’s bedroom wall. From your child’s favorite cartoon characters to naturalistic gardens, you can paint a stylish bedroom wall mural that your child will absolutely love.

The following helpful tips and suggestions will help you get started on creating a mural on a child’s bedroom wall with the help of a simple grid and colorful latex craft paint.

Before Beginning

Keep in mind that latex craft paint will not adhere properly to oil-based enamel. A wall painted with oil-based enamel must be properly primed before painting. Otherwise, your design will likely peel away. Follow product label instructions for warnings and precautions. With careful planning you can achieve the desired results and save a small fortune over hiring a professional wall mural painter.

Choosing a Subject

After deciding to paint a mural in a child’s bedroom it is important to select a subject that will be treasured for years. Although kids love television personalities and characters, subjects that are popular today could be old news tomorrow. Instead of going with a character that could likely be a passing fad, encourage your child to select a subject that will remain stylish and appealing such as a flower garden, celestial graphics, vehicles, animals, jungle scenes, or even a family pet. Popular characters that might be a passing fad can be incorporated into the room with the addition of trinkets, throw pillows, and wall art. A wall mural is a time-consuming investment in the decor of a child’s bedroom, and the subject you choose should grow with the child.

Planning the Design and Copying it to the Wall

One of the easiest ways to transfer a design from a piece of paper and onto a wall is with a copy machine and an ordinary pencil. Unless you are an artist and able to directly draw designs on a wall to create a mural in a child’s bedroom, opt for replicating and enlarging a design of your choice by copying it by hand one section at a time.

Begin by designing a grid over a copied design, and create the enlarged grid on the wall. Use a plumb line and bob to mark off vertical lines for the grid, and use a level to ensure the accuracy of horizontal lines. The grid will make it very easy to transfer a small-scale design to a child’s bedroom wall while maintaining proper dimensions and accuracy.

Once the grid has been recreated on the bedroom wall, begin drawing the wall mural design in each square. Those who do not otherwise have artistic ability can create almost any wall mural using a grid. Lightly draw the design with a soft pencil, and use a clean damp cloth to erase any mistakes. You will be amazed by how easy it is to transfer a design with the help of a grid. This is a time-consuming process but well worth the effort.

Tips for Painting the Mural

It is important to invest in fine artist’s brushes of various sizes that will allow for better control. Also, always mix plenty of a single color in a container with a tight-fitting lid for storage, and use a palette knife for mixing paints instead of the brushes. With proper care the brushes will last indefinitely, and with careful planning you will have plenty of each color required to complete the mural in your child’s bedroom.

Pencil in the design, and stand back to check the accuracy of the outline. Begin painting the mural one color at a time using artist-quality latex craft paint, and allow each color to dry before moving on to the next. After the mural is complete and the paint is dry, use a soft damp cloth to gently rub away any remaining pencil marks. The finished wall mural can be covered with a layer of matte polyurethane varnish if desired. This extra layer of protection will help keep the wall mural looking as good as new.

The wall mural you create with patience and love is sure to become a favorite part of the decorating scheme in your child’s bedroom, and it will grow with your child. Once you have painted a wall mural in your child’s bedroom, chances are you will be ready to create another impressive mural on a wall in your home.

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