Paint Colors for a Feminine Bedroom

Every woman dreams of having a quiet, relaxing place that is both feminine and sophisticated. A bed room where she can lounge with a book and a cup of tea is ideal. The color of the room plays a large part in creating the mood and tone of the space.

For a feminine bedroom, there are three great colors that will enhance the space and make it a woman’s ideal retreat room right at home.


Pink is a favorite of most women. Instead of bright, loud fuchsias and hot pinks, opt instead for pale, pinks with warm undertones. Pinks with cool undertones tend to make a room appear less welcoming, and for a bedroom, a welcoming feel is key.

There are many different shades of pink available, so try a few of them in swatches on the bedroom wall. It is better to sample a small area before selecting the final color, than painting the entire room pink and deciding that it is too cool or too bright.

Pinks can also vary depending on the lighting in the room. Soft light is often best for a bedroom, so be sure to analyze how the pink paint swatches look at night, as well as, during the day.

For the ultimate feminine bedroom, accent the space with large, muted floral and flowing fabrics. Comfortable furniture and an uncluttered space will complete the very feminine, and very relaxing, bedroom decor.

Shades of White

White can be a tricky color to use in a bedroom. It can appear very cold and austere, or it can be flowing and romantic. For a feminine bedroom, choose flowing fabrics and warmer tones of white, such as soft shades of off-white. Consider the room’s natural lighting, as well as, how it looks in the evening when making the decision. Be careful not to choose a white that has gray undertones when painting the walls, because it can quickly turn a feminine room into a dingy looking space.

White can be accented with just about any color, but for a woman’s bedroom, pinks, peaches and creams are feminine choices for accessories and bedding. Also be careful that all the whites used in the room match. If the carpeting is white and the walls are a slightly different shade, it can create an unattractive look.

Blue and Off-White

The blue and off-white color scheme is very popular when combined with a sophisticated French bedroom look. The light shade of blue commonly found in china is a great example of the perfect blue for this color scheme. Purchase a length of fabric at the craft store that has this pattern and design to make choosing the right paint colors easier.

Painting techniques can vary for this type of feminine bedroom. A blue wall above an off-white wainscoting works just as well as a light ragging technique of the two colors. A blue and off-white color scheme has the potential to be sophisticated while also being highly feminine.

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