Painters “HOLIDAYS”

It doesn’t take long for a professional painter to pick out the “holidays” of the previous painter, most likely not a professional. From a professionals view, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to “undo”, “cover up”, “mask”, or rectify the “holidays” of the previous painter(s).

Painting “holidays” come in the form of many runs, drips, skips, fish tails, unsanded spackle, roller fuzz, sloppy cuts, over spray, paint on shingles, unsanded poly, etc, to name just a few. These “holidays” are a major challenge for the professional. If the professional does not erase these blemishes it will be a reflection on their work.

Proper preparation is the key to erasing “holidays”, and looking at the walls, ceiling, trim and floor as well as exterior blemishes is a must for the job to look professional. Sanding with the proper tools such as a palm or belt sander can cure some of the dried up messy “holidays”. There is also a vast array of materials on the market in the form of solvents to take away these mistakes.

The professional painter must look the job over every square inch before bidding on the job, especially on aged properties. By taking into account the mistakes to be cured, the professional can bid on the job knowing the time it will take to rectify previous painters “holidays”.

With the former being said, it is very important to LOOK OVER ones work as the paint is drying or curing to eliminate a unprofessional finish. It is also a must to use quality tools, and products in the form of brands of paint, brushes, rollers and sprayers. It is also important to LOOK OVER the crews or helpers work as it progresses, after all the end result is a reflection on your company.

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