Choose the Most Appropriate Paint Scraper

The goal of every paint scraper tool is to efficiently and effectively remove the loose and peeling paint from any surface. There are many types of paint scrapers, from the classic putty knife to the 11 in 1 multipurpose tool to the double edge wood scraper.

The classic stiff putty knife is a good choice for a multipurpose painting tool. The variety of putty knives is staggering.

Putty Knife

Stiff Putty Knife
These tools can have a stiff blade, like a chisel, or flexible, like a spatula.

The stiff blade types can be resharpened many times and are effective at removing loose or peeling paint. Thin or flexible blade putty knifes are best used when applying spackling paste or putty.

A 1 inch or 1-1/2 inch with a stiff blade and comfortable handle will be a good choice.

11 in 1 Multipurpose Tool

This is the Swiss army knife of the painting world. These tools are capable of performing many tasks beyond removing loose paint.
Shurline 10-in-1 putty knife and paint scraper.

  1. Paint Scraper
  2. Spreader
  3. Gouger
  4. Hammer
  5. Rake
  6. Opener
  7. Putty Remover
  8. Paint Roller Cleaner
  9. Nail Setter
  10. Nail Puller
  11. Flat/Phillips Screw Driver


And just about any other function you can think of. With so many possible uses, this tool is an excellent choice. There are many different styles and manufactures, but most perform the same or similar functions. The classic 5-way fits into this class of paint scrapers, just a few less bells and whistles.

Single and Double Edge Paint Scraper

Hyde Paint Scraper
Here is a classic scraper worthy of any toolbox and will last for years. These are not very expensive and replacement blades are sold everywhere. Available in a few different sizes and profiles, most types have a U shaped blade held in place with a bolt or screw.

Small 1 inch scrapers are perfect for tight and difficult areas. Example would be flat screen moldings and edges of trim. Larger scrapers, 2-1/2 — 5 inch, are best used on wide flat trim and fascia boards or clap board siding.

The main difference between single and double edge loose paint scrapers is the blade itself.

  • Single edge varieties have to be pulled in one direction when in use.
  • Double edge scrapers can be pushed or pulled across the surface.

Specialty Paint Scrapers

Hyde Contour paint scraper Kit
If a piece of wood trim has a complex profile, such as crown molding or furniture, you might consider a scraper made with that profile in mind. Triangle and teardrop shaped blades are common on these tools, plus some manufactures supply curved blades that will fit your specific profile.

All of these tools will do a fine job at removing peeling paint from a variety of surfaces and profiles. Since you have a few hours of scraping ahead of you, choose a tool that is comfortable to use.

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