Paint Roller Poles – Essential to Reach High Areas

With the added leverage, paint roller poles reduce the amount of physical labor needed to paint walls and ceilings.

This translates to no more bending down to load the roller with house paint and then getting on a ladder to paint a small section of wall or ceiling. With a paint roller extension pole your productivity will increase without the backache.

A paint roller pole offers more work done in less time.

There are many styles and sizes available. Paint roller extension poles range from threaded broomsticks to aluminum, or fiberglass, poles that extend to increase your reach. It is well worth the expense to purchase a professional quality house painting tool and this is equally true for extension roller poles.

There are a few concepts you need to know before taking the plunge and purchasing an extension roller pole or two.


Typical Wood Roller Pole- Threaded End
The cheapest types are single length wooden sticks with a threaded head, broomsticks. Although these roller poles are cheap, they are the most difficult to use. They don’t have the ability to expand, so be careful of your furniture as you roll out a wall.

To top it off, wooden poles will cause more fatigue and be difficult to use. Also, the threaded screw head will quickly loosen inside the paint roller frame. Wooden roller poles are better than no pole.


Good mid-priced extension poles are generally fiberglass, or aluminum, with a twist locking mechanism. These extension poles are a lot better than broomsticks.

  • Metal threaded ends are typical.
  • Available in different lengths to meet most painting needs, such as 2-4ft and 4-8ft.
  • Mid-grade extension poles are not as good as professional grade tools, but will work for the average home owner. Remember the threaded end will loosen from the roller frame after a short time.


Professional quality extension roller poles are the best and will last for years, even with daily use.

  • These poles have a positive locking mechanism for holding the roller frame and adjusting the poles length.
  • Their designs prevent twisting of the inner pole and loosening of the roller frame.
  • These extension poles are designed to use each manufactures roller frames and specialized tools, such as brush holders.


General Purchasing Guidelines for Roller Extension Poles

Using a roller pole on an interior wall.

  • 1 — 2 ft is perfect for tight spaces. Such as closets and behind large pieces of furniture that couldn’t be moved fully out of the way.
  • 2 — 4 ft is a good general-purpose extension pole suitable for 8ft walls and low ceilings.
  • 4 — 8 ft poles are a better choice for ceilings allowing greater reach over covered furniture.
  • 6 — 12 ft are for tall walls, ceilings, and many exterior painting needs.
  • 8 — 16 ft are the longest extension poles on the market. And offer the greatest reach. A bit difficult to use, but a good choice for very tall walls, ceilings, and tall exterior surfaces.
  • Most homeowners will receive the most benefit from the purchase of 2 — 4 ft and 4 — 8 ft poles.


I wouldn’t consider rolling any wall, ceiling, or exterior surface without a high quality extension roller pole. With an increase in productivity and reduced physical stress, these tools are worth every penny.

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