Exterior Paint Color Selection Guide

Well chosen exterior paint colors can dramatically improve your home’s curb appeal and add value to your house. Many home owners are aware that changing up your siding and trim can create an entirely new look, but with thousands of exterior paint colors, dozens of manufacturers and many sheens to choose from, the possible combinations of house painting colors can be mind numbing.

For most home owners the process of choosing exterior paint colors can be one of the most difficult, time consuming aspects of the entire project! The challenge is to allow your personality to shine through, while retaining (or increasing!) curb appeal.

We recognize that it’s best to get this right the first time, even if paint is fairly inexpensive. Sure in many situations the color can be easily changed with a little more effort and a few more gallons of paint if you don’t like the results, but our goal with this section of our website is to help you get the right exterior paint color the first time.

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