Wood Deck Refinishing

When you have a deck, it is almost always a focal point of your home’s exterior, whether the finish is in good shape or not! A deck that looks great adds to your home’s curb appeal. One that’s in poor condition can do more than reduce your home’s resale value. It can be a liability if someone is injured.

All decks benefit from regular refinishing. This means a complete sanding and restaining should be planned every 3-4 years.

If this sounds like a lot of work, it’s because wood deck refinishing is! But it is also well worth the investment in time and materials. It is a job you can do yourself, though you can always choose to .

We encourage you to read through the deck refinishing articles we have here. They’ll help you do a job that lasts for the maximum possible time. They will also help you choose a contractor who will deliver the results you have the right to expect.
Newly stained wood deck.

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Cedar Deck_ no more staining!!!

By Carol (British Columbia, Canada)
I have been a slave to the decks in my life and this last deck which is BC cedar I stripped by way of power washing and sanding and then I have just used a sealant. The deck looks great and I only need to lightly ...
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Deck Refinishing

By David - VISION PAINTING & DESIGN L.L.C. (Excelsior, Minnesota)
Most of what I read about deck refinishing is incorrect. It is not necessary to introduce water during preparation for refinishing. I recommend using a vibrating plate sander on the large flat areas and detail the edges where ...
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Proper Deck Sanding Technique

If your porch or deck is looking a little worse for the wear, a good sanding might be in order. Not only is sanding an essential step if you plan to add another coat of paint or stain, but it can help you enjoy your deck much more. ...
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Choose the Right Deck Stain

Deck stain does a lot. There are multiple challenges a stain must overcome in order to last. Quality formulas 1) resist abrasion, 2) don’t fade when exposed to UV light, and 3) hold up to heat, cold, wind, and water. Exterior ...
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Deck Staining

A properly applied stain is part of regular maintenance to protect your deck from stains, mildew, the elements and damaging uv rays. Stain products exist for every type of deck, including composite decking. Selecting the appropriate ...
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Types of Power Sanders

Power sanders are great tools to help with the removal of old peeling paint. The amount of effort spent sanding depends on the sander used. Your efforts can be wasted using the wrong tool. Each type of sander has very specific uses. ...
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Spraying Wood Deck Stain

A sprayer is a useful tool for any DIYer. Its main advantage is that it can help you finish a paint or stain job very quickly- within a few hours, instead of an entire day or weekend. If you’re thinking about ...
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The Deck Job

By anonymous.
This year, was the year to refinish the patio deck. My wife had wanted this accomplished last year, but I got pulled away from doing it. Generally, I am not one to put things off, but the deck had to wait it out for me to be ready. ...
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