Professional Exterior Painting Information

From a professional painter’s point of view, exterior painting is the most important home maintenance project that can be done. Often the paint and caulking is all that is stopping damage from the weather and water.

You don’t have to be a professional painter to recognize that the condition of the exterior paint is one of the most important factors for maintaining a home’s value. When paint and caulk begins to wear out, it stops protecting your home from the damaging effects of water and sun. Neglected flaking paint can lead to thousands in siding replacement costs.

Preparing to paint the exterior of your home is the most important step. Yet, there is more to painting the exterior of your home than preparation.

Spraying exterior paint on a home.

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Elastomeric – A Nightmare

By David Jacobs (Los Angeles, CA)
We built our house in 1984. Three or four years later we repainted the exterior using an elastomeric paint. It has been a nightmare — bubbling, bucking, streaking, peeling at corners. Finally, this year we decided to ...
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Exterior Paint Spraying

By anonymous.
For the do it yourselfer desiring professional results. How to spray finish paint on the exterior surface of your house. Includes tips for spraying and how to get started. *After viewing please consider offering your own ...
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Exterior Painting, How I did it.

By Megan
Exterior painting can sometimes be a chore. But sometimes it can be a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I know, because when I was a young teen I had the pleasure of being hired to help flip houses. ...
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Exterior Painting in Washington State

By Bryan Comeaux of Master Piece Painting Company (Washington State, Puget Sound Area)
1) Pressure wash with bleach and midewicide like Joe Max; Pressure wash with plain water. Apply cleaner in shade, let sit. Rinse off cleaner. Pressure wash each board. Carefully inspect, some dirt is hard to ...
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Exterior Painting

By D.Cummings
How hard can it be to paint the outside of a house? Well, a bit harder than you might think. Especially if you have not mastered cutting in or do not know about painting into a wet edge. Which, of course, we did not. The ...
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Tips for Painting Exterior Trim

If you have gotten to the trim work on your exterior paint project, you are almost finished with exterior painting work. Painting the exterior trim can really make you feel satisfied because you are finally bringing your project to ...
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Four Reasons To Use Shutter Renu Over Paint

By ShutterRenu
Vinyl shutters can give your home a wow factor and improve curb appeal. That is, if they are not faded or weathered. The initial investment for new shutters is not that much when compared with their wow factor. ...
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Green Ideas for Greener Homes

By Guy Alexander Bell - Never Paint Again (
With more “green” legislation coming into building design and construction, more and more houses and commercial buildings are being built with “green” credentials. Things such as solar panels, ...
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How Often Should I Repaint My Home?

By Westminster CO Painters (Westminster, CO USA)
How To Maintain The Value Of Your Home How Often Should You Repaint Your Home? Taking care of a house requires a lot of work. Painting your home is one of those tasks most people avoid thinking about, just like ...
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